Suction System

Our versatile and reliable Suction System is designed to meet the diverse suction needs of hospitals. With our customizable options, users have the flexibility to select the number of canisters required for their specific requirements. Our Suction System features a sturdy pillar with wheels, allowing for easy mobility and maneuverability within healthcare facilities. The safety bottle ensures a secure and leak-free suction process, providing peace of mind to healthcare professionals. Included in the system is a 6-meter tubing with a vacuum adapter, enabling seamless connection to various suction devices. The meter gauge for vacuum allows for precise monitoring and control of suction pressure, ensuring optimal performance during medical procedures.

Whether it’s for surgical applications, post-operative care, or general suction needs, our Suction System provides reliable and efficient suction power. It is designed to meet the high standards of performance and safety demanded by hospitals.

1. 4 Canister in 1
2. 2 Canister in 1
3. Single Canister
4. 4 In 1 (Individual)
1 SET per CTN