Suction Regulator

Our Suction Regulator is an essential component of our reliable Suction System designed for optimal suction control in healthcare settings. This precision instrument allows healthcare professionals to accurately adjust and monitor the suction pressure during medical procedures.

The Suction Regulator is equipped with a convenient on-off switch, allowing for easy control and activation of the suction system. The pressure meter provides clear and accurate readings, enabling healthcare professionals to monitor and adjust the suction pressure according to specific patient needs. Our Suction Regulator features a user-friendly suction control unit that allows for precise adjustment of the suction pressure. The vacuum outlet ensures seamless connectivity to suction devices, enabling efficient and effective suction power. Additionally, the safety bottle provides a secure and leak-free suction process, maintaining a sterile and hygienic environment.

– Gas Type: Vacuum (VAC)
– Working Pressure: 0~0.07MPa
– Flow Rate: 0~760mmHg, 0~300mmHg
– Connected Adapter: British Standard
– Inlet Threaded Size: 1/8″NPT
– Safety Bottle: Act as an overflow device
– On/Off setting can be adjusted
1 SET per CTN