Suction Liner

Our suction liner bags are one of the essential component of our reliable Suction System, they are made from high-quality materials and are designed for durability and reliability. Our suction liner features a non-return valve on the patient port and the green liner incorporates a hydrophobic filter, safeguarding the vacuum source from aerosols and infected fluids.

For streamlined setup and ease of use, our liners are color-coded. With a quick glance, clinicians can identify which liner contains a hydrophobic filter: green for with filter and white for without filter. This feature saves valuable time and enables efficient workflow.

1. With Filter and Safety Valve – 1.5L / 2.0L / 3.0L
2. Without Filter and Safety Valve – 1.5L / 2.0L / 3.0L
50 PCS per CTN