Suction Canister

Our reusable Suction Canister is an essential component of our reliable suction system. This high-quality canister is designed to provide a safe and convenient solution for suction procedures. With its user-friendly design, the Suction Canister allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making it convenient for cleaning and maintenance. The transparent design allows for easy monitoring of fluid levels, ensuring optimal suctioning performance. These canisters are designed to work seamlessly with our suction liner bags. The canisters and liners are color-coded (white and green), making it effortless to match the right combination.

1. With Blue Lid – 1.5L / 2.0L / 3.0L
2. Without Blue Lid – 1.5L / 2.0L / 3.0L
With Blue Lid
1. 1.5L – 32 PCS per CTN
2. 2.0L – 24 PCS per CTN
3. 3.0L – 10 PCS per CTN

Without Blue Lid
1.5L / 2.0L / 3.0L – 15 PCS per CTN