Suction Canister Hanger

Our Suction Canister Hanger is a practical and reliable accessory designed to securely hold suction canisters in healthcare settings. The hanger provides a convenient solution for organizing and suspending suction canisters, ensuring easy access and efficient workflow during medical procedures. Our Suction Canister Hanger is designed with sturdy materials and a robust construction to support the weight of suction canisters effectively. Its durable hooks provide a secure grip, preventing accidental falls or disruptions during suction procedures.

With its user-friendly design, the Suction Canister Hanger allows for easy installation and adjustment. It can be easily mounted on walls or other suitable surfaces, providing a space-saving solution for organizing suction canisters within healthcare facilities.

1. Hanger Type A – Hook Type
2. Hanger Type B – Screw Type (Suitable for Railing)
3. Wall Bracket (Hanger Type A) – Screw Type (Wall Mount)
1. Hanger Type A – 20 PCS per PCK
2. Hanger Type B – 20 PCS per PCK
3. Wall Bracket (Hanger Type A) – 10 PCS per PCK