Crafted from premium materials, our coverall offers excellent barrier properties against contaminants, including liquids, dust, and particles. This product provides full-body coverage and feature elastic cuffs for a secure and comfortable fit. The coveralls we offer are compliant with the EN14325 standard, they have undergone rigorous testing and meet strict performance criteria, this ensures that they provide effective protection against hazardous substances and maintain their integrity even in demanding environments. With their durable construction and reliable performance, our coveralls are suitable for a range of healthcare applications. Whether it’s in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, or other healthcare settings, our coveralls offer the necessary protection for healthcare providers and staff.

Coverall – 42gsm, Non Woven
Coverall Tyvek (Without Blue Line) – 65gsm
Coverall Tyvek (With Blue Line) – 65gsm
Coverall – 40 PCS per CTN
Coverall Tyvek (Without Blue Line) – 35 PCS per CTN
Coverall Tyvek (With Blue Line) – 35 PCS per CTN