Maternity Pad

Our maternity pad is an essential postpartum companion designed for optimal comfort and absorbency. It provides reliable and discreet protection during the early days of motherhood. Crafted with soft and breathable materials, our maternity pad ensures maximum comfort for new mothers. The pad’s gentle and contoured design provides a secure fit and helps prevent leaks, allowing mothers to focus on their recovery and bonding with their newborn.

With its high absorbency, our maternity pad provides excellent protection, effectively capturing and locking away moisture. The pad’s extra length and width offer extended coverage, providing confidence and peace of mind. Our product is thoughtfully designed to be hypoallergenic and skin-friendly, minimizing the risk of irritation and discomfort. It is also conveniently disposable, making it easy to use and dispose of, promoting hygiene and convenience for busy new moms.

Sterile, With Tie | White, 23cm with 160cm tie
Non Sterile, Without Tie | White, 23cm without tie
Sterile, With Tie – 100 Pieces per Carton
Non Sterile, Without Tie – 720 Pieces per Carton