Cyto Spray

Our Cyto Spray is a convenient and effective solution for cytology specimen collection and preparation. This spray is specifically designed to aid in the fixation and preservation of cellular samples, ensuring accurate and reliable results in cytological examinations. Our Cyto Spray provides a fine and controlled mist that evenly covers the specimen, facilitating the fixation process and preventing cellular distortion. It helps to preserve the integrity of the cells, allowing for more accurate analysis and interpretation by healthcare professionals.

With its fast-drying formula, our Cyto Spray ensures quick fixation of the specimen, minimizing the risk of cellular degradation and ensuring optimal sample quality. It provides consistent and reliable results, making it an essential tool in cytology laboratories and healthcare settings.This spray is easy to use, with a user-friendly spray nozzle that allows for precise application. It is designed to minimize aerosolization, ensuring the safety of laboratory personnel and reducing the risk of contamination.